Christmas was a little difficult, being the first Christmas I have spent away from my family, but I would love to thank the Beals, for taking me in and treating me like family for Christmas. They had me over for Christmas, and ever bought me a gift (Reese’s Peanut Butter cups) that is super hard to come by. But over all, I have had a great holiday season.

I am still working every week with the private school, and I am now going to be leading a song in their Christmas performance. Please keep me in prayer, as I work with these kids. As I am not even conversational in Ukrainian, it is a little hard to teach them.

On the subject of language learning, I will be starting one more Ukrainian lesson per week, and also Serhii has promised that on January 1st, he will no longer understand/reply to my speaking to him in English.  I am hoping to be conversational in Ukrainian by the 1st of March, as that will be my 6 month mark here. Please keep me and my studies in prayer, so I may be more effective.

Snow! This week we got our first real snow, and I am a bit excited. I was promised a harsh winter here, but everyone is telling me this is one of the warmest winters in years.  So, I am hoping (I am probably the only one hoping for this) that this is the start to a long and harsh winter.

Please keep me, and all the members of the team I work with in your prayers.

Thank you.