These past few weeks have been some of the most busy of my time spent here. While learning a new language, learning to create web applications, packaging literature, and helping in out English club is a fair amount to keep me busy through the week, this past week I was asked to help teach in a three week English program, geared toward getting people to know God.

The English club has been going great so far. As one of the two native speakers teaching, I have a whole class to myself. Each lesson gives a grammar and vocabulary section, followed by a break, than another lesson based on apologetic. The main I idea is to get them to study what we are talking about, so they can talk about it in English. Every secession they get a lesson on English, and a lesson on God. ┬áIt is working great, and we already have students saying that they don’t know where they stand on the whole subject, and that they would like to have more info.

Yesterday I bought my tickets back to the states, although my actual departure date is 14 weeks awake. Those 14 weeks will fly by faster than I will notice, so please remember to pray for me as I finish up here, that I may be able to finish what I came here for.

Also, please keep the rest of this English club in your prayers, that it might prove fruitful. Please pray for each of my students that do not know their way.

Thank you.