A lot has happened since I last posted. The past few weeks have been fast moving, and busy ones. Today, after I write this post I will head out the door and go to English club. It is truly one of the highlights of my week. I absolutely love teaching there. We have been averaging 5-6 students for the past weeks. This last week, we had 3 new students, but only one of our regular students. This was because Easter was celebrated here this last week, so many were on holiday.

Two weeks ago I bumped my lessons up to 4 a week. I am really hoping to have a better knowledge of the Ukrainian language before I go. I do not want to lose all this hard work I put in while I am in the states.  I am discussing the possibility of having lessons via Skype with my teacher while I am in the states. I hope it works out well.

I am starting to prepare to head back. I think it is a little early, still having 7 weeks left, but it is getting closer. I am already sorting through my stuff and seeing what to bring home, and what to leave here. It is exciting to go back.

Please keep me and the team in your prayers. Thank you.