Pastor Ron Coale, Grace Baptist Church-Letter of recommendation.

Dear Fellow Pastor, I am writing to recommend Nathan Gregson to you for your prayerful consideration as 1 year missionary to the Ukraine. He has already spent time there as an intern under missionaries Jessie and Teresa Beal. During that time, he served in the Carpathian Mountain Outreach program, where they would hike into the mountains to bring the gospel to “unreached” villagers. Nathan has surrendered to the Lords work during a missions conference.

Since then he has been focused on achieving that calling. He is the son of Scott and Charity Gregson (, whom I have known for more than 30 years. During that time I have seen Nathan follow in his fathers footsteps and mature to be a man of integrity and hard work. He has worked in his fathers print shop and computer business with great success. During that time, he gained experience in operating a printing press, graphic design, web site development and street evangelism. The Lord has been preparing Nathan for this mission even before he recognized this calling. His “life preparation” fits the need to:

  • Set up and operate a printing press ministry insideĀ the Ukraine.
  • Design and produce tracts.
  • Establish a professional level web-site.
  • Use his experience in evangelistic outreach to preach the gospel face to face.

His unique molding is a perfect fit for this specific present need in theĀ Ukraine. Nathan is not only willing, but committed to serving the Lord in the Carpathian Mountain Outreach, but he needs our help to get there and live there. Please consider helping in the winning of souls in the Ukraine through this worthy ministry.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Ron Coale, Pastor