Update 5

Things are starting to get cold here. The average temperature is now around 25°F, but I am told that it is still pretty warm. I am excited to have my first real winter. These past few weeks have been mostly slow, with the normal coding and studying Ukrainian, but a sudden pickup in literature requests. These past two weeks have seen nearly 40 new requests, which is quite a bit more than normal.

I spent Thanksgiving at the Beals house for our team Thanksgiving, and I had a blast. I guess this is about the time I start getting homesick. Thankfully the team a=has taken me in, and treated me like family.

This week I have come down with a terrible cold, that its just now starting to go away.

Thank you for your prayers. Please keep our team in your prayers, and also pray for me, too get over this cold quickly, so I can get out of this stuffy apartment.