Nathan Day and I have complete the first tutorial, and are now starting to work on the minor things that we will use on the project, and Josh Steele returns to Ukraine in a couple week, and that is when we will start full blown work on the project. I wish I could say I understood more of it than I do, but I guess that it where trial and error come in.

Things have been normal, except the extreme increase of literature requests. Last week, I went in on Wednesday and packaged  30 books, and invitations. On Friday, they were all gone, and I had to do 30 more. This is a huge blessing.

Today, I got a care package from my family, packed full of fattening, carbohydrate filled, delicious american food. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ukrainian food (My favorite is Virenyki. It is like a ravioli, except filled with mashed potatoes, and the only sauce is sour cream. It is amazing.), but I miss some American goodies. This ought to last me till June.

Thank you for your support and prayers. Please keep me and the team in your prayers, and especially the Steele family, as the prepare to come back in a couple weeks.



The contents of my package.

The contents of my package.