Update: Week 1.

I have been here for just over a week, and already I am super busy. I started my Ukrainian lessons on Friday of last week, and it already confuses me. I must say, my biggest struggle is relearning the alphabet in cursive. It is very convenient though, that my teacher Serhii, is also my roommate.

Every Tuesday night I help at EuroTeamOutreach English club; a meeting held every Tuesday to help Ukrainians learn English, through use of Gospel literature. Also I package and ship out Bible First! lessons, and work on any other task I am given.

Next Monday I will be going to Poland for two days, to finish off my registration, and I am pretty excited for that!

I keep getting asked about my safety due to the war in the east, and I must assure everyone that I am as safe here as I am in the United States, if not more safe. The war is affecting the prices of everything though. As the war wages on, with no end in sight, it is possible that I may at some time be in danger, but as for now it is completely and totally safe.

Thank you for your support. Please keep me, and ETO in your prayers. Thank you.