This week have been helping another organization with a two week English club. As a native English speaker they love the chance to talk to me in English. The purpose of the club is to give them a better understanding of the English language, at the same time as teaching them about God. They will sit through an hour of gospel preaching, just to have an hour of learning English. It is a blessing to see them listening so intently. As of yet, I have not seen anyone come to the Lord, but there is another whole week, and I trust the Lord will bring fruit.

This week was the most beautiful weather we have had since I have gotten here. They tell me that this is going to last about a week, and then we will hit winter weather. I have a few things I need to get done before that weather hits, and I am hoping that I will be ready.

Please keep me and my organization in your prayers this week, as most of us are starting to come down with one sickness or another. Also keep the English club in your prayers, that it will be used for Gods glory, and also that there can be a large harvest from it. Please also pray that I can get all my preparation complete for the upcoming winter, and that I will be sufficiently supported through it.

Thank you.