Last weekend I went with a group of guys from our church to Odessa: a large city on the black sea coast. While there, we evangelized , street preached, and had a mass prayer meeting for the local pastor, who is very ill. It was a great time, and great fellowship. I spent Friday-Sunday there, and came bake on Monday. I have to say though, the  twelve-hour train ride was hard, especially with the heat. Imagine 60 grown men (Some perhaps un-bathed in the last few weeks) in a 10ft.x60ft. car, with no open windows, or vents. It was the longest night of my life.

Street preaching, and evangelism.

Street preaching, and evangelism.

People gathering to listen to the preaching.

People gathering to listen to the preaching.











After that, I returned to a normal week of studying and teaching.

Please continue to pray for all our ministry.



A quick update. This week has been relatively slow compared to the rest of my time here. Most of my time was devoted to studying Ukrainian, and working on web development needed for our team. On on Tuesday, we had our English club, with an average attendance. On Monday, Nathan Day, and I got together and worked on the web development for our team. It was a great meeting, and we both learned a lot.

On Sunday, I was asked to come out to a local churches private school and give a lesson this Thursday. I am excited for that. Also, I will be helping in that churches outreaches on Thursday, and Saturdays, and possibly with an English club on Fridays. I am thankful for these opportunities to serve God.

Thank you for your prayers. Please keep our team in your prayers, and also pray for me, as this week looks to me a busy one.



Last week we finished the Campus English club, at which I was able to share my testimony multiple times. When it ended we invited them all to small group meeting, where they will be given the gospel again and again. We had 14 attend our team English club this week, which was the most I have ever seen. Using English clubs as a way to spread the gosple is a very effective method, since they listen so hard to everything you say.

Please keep both these efforts in your prayers, that they may come to glory God, with a large harvest.

In other news, L’viv is expecting its first snow this Friday. I have been running around trying to get things ready for that, and I am almost done. Praise God that some much needed extra support came in, and I was able to get a good pair of boots for winter. Also, please keep our team in your prayers, as each family seems to be coming down with the same sickness. I have been spared so far, but fear I will be coming down with it soon.


Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

My class. We had a blast.

My class. We had a blast.

Giving a lesson, and sharing my testimony.

Giving a lesson, and sharing my testimony.

We had 14 at our English club.

We had 14 at our English club.

They were eager to learn.

They were eager to learn.


This week have been helping another organization with a two week English club. As a native English speaker they love the chance to talk to me in English. The purpose of the club is to give them a better understanding of the English language, at the same time as teaching them about God. They will sit through an hour of gospel preaching, just to have an hour of learning English. It is a blessing to see them listening so intently. As of yet, I have not seen anyone come to the Lord, but there is another whole week, and I trust the Lord will bring fruit.

This week was the most beautiful weather we have had since I have gotten here. They tell me that this is going to last about a week, and then we will hit winter weather. I have a few things I need to get done before that weather hits, and I am hoping that I will be ready.

Please keep me and my organization in your prayers this week, as most of us are starting to come down with one sickness or another. Also keep the English club in your prayers, that it will be used for Gods glory, and also that there can be a large harvest from it. Please also pray that I can get all my preparation complete for the upcoming winter, and that I will be sufficiently supported through it.

Thank you.

Update: Week 2

This week in one word was “Eventful”. Waking up at 2:00 AM, I, Jessie Beal, Cassia Beal, and Nathan Day started
our eight hour trip to Poland to attain our long term visas. The entire trip to the Polish border, we were praying that all would go well, and that we would get across the border quickly and uneventfully. Those prayers were answered, as we were rushed along through the Ukrainian, and then the Polish borders. The rest of the trip, to Krakow, Poland was also uneventful.

On the second day in Poland we went to the Ukrainian consulate and applied for our extended visas. The preparation
for this application had been going on for months by Nathan Day and the ETO lawyer. Thank God all I had to do was
go to the Ukrainian consulate and hand them an application. Again, thank God, this too went perfectly. The amount
of time we spent at the consulate equated to 45 minutes, instead of the four or five hours I had been told to expect.

We spent the rest of the day picking up items not attainable in Ukraine, and left for home the next morning. By thisbtime I was confident that the entire trip would go just as smoothly as it had for the most part…Oh how wrong I was.

Once we hit the Polish border, they looked over our passports and had us pull to the side. An armed guard walked
right up to me and asked, “Where did you enter the European Union?” I told her that I had entered at this same
border crossing two days prior. Pulling out my passport, she showed that I had not received a stamp in it as I had
crossed the border, officially making me an illegal alien on EU soil. They proceeded to lead the others and myself to a building where we were questioned and directed to give statements. Later, we found that none of our passports
had been stamped, and that the van we were driving had not be reported either. Mine was the first noticed, as I had
not previously been to the EU, unlike the others. After the three or four hours of sitting around, signing papers and answering questions, we were let go.

Finally crossing to the Ukrainian side, we thought our troubles were over. Soon we found out again how wrong we
were. On the Ukrainian side, we were again asked to pull over, where again we waited due to some issue with the
papers for Jessie’s van. After that was all sorted we headed home as fast as we could.

That covered Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday was an eventful day as well. On Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday, we received over 50 requested for our starter pack of Bible First. Each one has the Gospel plan and
takes the student through the book of Genesis, while showing them all the pictures of Christ and salvation that are
found there. This is a particularly useful tool for a largely Catholic or Orthodox country such as Ukraine. It is always a blessing to see so many people asking for the Gospel.

Thank you for your continued prayers, and specifically those toward our visas. Please keep the over 650 students of
our course in your prayers, that they all may come to know Christ.

Update: Week 1.

I have been here for just over a week, and already I am super busy. I started my Ukrainian lessons on Friday of last week, and it already confuses me. I must say, my biggest struggle is relearning the alphabet in cursive. It is very convenient though, that my teacher Serhii, is also my roommate.

Every Tuesday night I help at EuroTeamOutreach English club; a meeting held every Tuesday to help Ukrainians learn English, through use of Gospel literature. Also I package and ship out Bible First! lessons, and work on any other task I am given.

Next Monday I will be going to Poland for two days, to finish off my registration, and I am pretty excited for that!

I keep getting asked about my safety due to the war in the east, and I must assure everyone that I am as safe here as I am in the United States, if not more safe. The war is affecting the prices of everything though. As the war wages on, with no end in sight, it is possible that I may at some time be in danger, but as for now it is completely and totally safe.

Thank you for your support. Please keep me, and ETO in your prayers. Thank you.


Tracy Dartt-Evangelist-Letter Of Recommendation.

To whom it may concern ,
I am pleased to recommend Nathan Gregson. He is a fine young man from an outstanding Christian family ,and to my understanding has been faithful to his church and in his Christian service. It is a blessing to see young people like Nathan having a desire to serve The Lord in a greater way.
Tracy Dartt

Pastor Jason Murphy , Open Door Baptist Church-Letter of recommendation.

To whom it may concern,

The Gregson family has been a friend to our church for 40 years. They have always been a hardworking family that is ministry-minded. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that Nathan Gregson will follow in his parents’ footsteps. It is my pleasure to recommend this young man into fulltime ministry work on the foreign field.


Jason Murphy, Senior Pastor.

Dr.Ken Blue-Letter of recommendation.

To whom it may Concern:

I have pastored for over 40 years, and believe I have some insight to the character and sincerity of young men and women. I have known the Gregson family thirty years. I can speak with pleasure concerning their parenting skills. All their children have learned Christian character, and most adults will attest to their maturity and respect for authority.

Thus, without hesitation, I recommend Nathan Gregson for the internship with missionaries in Ukraine. I believe God’s call is on his life, and I ask that you consider him for this training.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


[email protected]

Sincerely,  Dr. Ken Blue

Pastor Ron Coale, Grace Baptist Church-Letter of recommendation.

Dear Fellow Pastor, I am writing to recommend Nathan Gregson to you for your prayerful consideration as 1 year missionary to the Ukraine. He has already spent time there as an intern under missionaries Jessie and Teresa Beal. During that time, he served in the Carpathian Mountain Outreach program, where they would hike into the mountains to bring the gospel to “unreached” villagers. Nathan has surrendered to the Lords work during a missions conference.

Since then he has been focused on achieving that calling. He is the son of Scott and Charity Gregson (kjv.com), whom I have known for more than 30 years. During that time I have seen Nathan follow in his fathers footsteps and mature to be a man of integrity and hard work. He has worked in his fathers print shop and computer business with great success. During that time, he gained experience in operating a printing press, graphic design, web site development and street evangelism. The Lord has been preparing Nathan for this mission even before he recognized this calling. His “life preparation” fits the need to:

  • Set up and operate a printing press ministry inside the Ukraine.
  • Design and produce tracts.
  • Establish a professional level web-site.
  • Use his experience in evangelistic outreach to preach the gospel face to face.

His unique molding is a perfect fit for this specific present need in the Ukraine. Nathan is not only willing, but committed to serving the Lord in the Carpathian Mountain Outreach, but he needs our help to get there and live there. Please consider helping in the winning of souls in the Ukraine through this worthy ministry.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Ron Coale, Pastor